I’m not big into jewelry, but LOOK

I’m picky when it comes to purses. I’m pick when it comes to shoes. I’m picky when it comes to style and design in general. No idea why. But I take it to a whole new level when it comes to jewelry in particular. I like the delicate pieces, not just because it suits me […]

Homeware from Oliver Bonas

At last fall is here! Or at least that is what I imagine I will say once my landlord turns on the heat. For now though, nothing like a good homeware peruse to find the perfect bits and pieces for those cozy nights in, no matter what room you’re in. Oliver Bonas, although I’ve never had a […]

Summer Dress Look from Topshop

I don’t normally post on style or clothing, but I have an itch to go shopping and a budget of nigh nothing so this will have to suffice…  I’m also picturing this look with a simple, small, red purse to compliment that red lip. Yup it’ll look real cute. Hard to say if this outfit would actually […]

Why I Love Edith Wharton’s Writing

I discovered Edith Wharton in one of my high school English classes when we were assigned The House of Mirth  as summer reading. Out of the books we had been assigned, it had the most impact on me by far. I remember rereading many of the paragraphs because I liked them so much. Her poetic style enthralls […]