Significant Nonsense

“It is this participation in the essential glorious nonsense that is at the heart of the world, not necessarily going anywhere. It seems that only in moments of unusual insight and illumination that we get the point of this, and find that the true meaning of life is no meaning, that its purpose is no […]

To Love As A Friend?

 This is something I’ve been thinking about lately: is it possible to be friends with someone you love romantically and not solely platonically? The obvious answer is a resounding ‘no’, I know. But given the choice of friends or nothing at all, would friends not be the only choice? Or is that just the easy […]

To Love or To Miss?

So here’s the question: Can you love someone as much as you can miss them? Granted, you can’t have one without the other. You’re not going to want to see a person you don’t even like. Back to the question, though. The thing is, when you miss someone important to you, you could completely blow the situation out […]

What Does Love Mean to You?

 February is one of those winter months where everyone becomes tired of the persistent cold and all the snow. This month, however, is also the one with Valentine’s Day, where everyone sets aside their weatherly woes and cherishes their loved ones. Now hopefully this isn’t the only time that people do this, but I digress. […]