Significant Nonsense

“It is this participation in the essential glorious nonsense that is at the heart of the world, not necessarily going anywhere. It seems that only in moments of unusual insight and illumination that we get the point of this, and find that the true meaning of life is no meaning, that its purpose is no […]

Why I Love Photography

I first discovered my love of photography in high school, where I took my first and only photography class. It was traditional, I suppose, with a darkroom and all that. It was one of my favorite classes ever. It’s almost magical. You click a button, put a piece of paper in some liquids and BAM! […]

Anxiety Who?

Hello again, Struggling with anxiety and self-confidence plagues the lives for so many people! I’m not a doctor or anything, but these are the top four things that help me when I find myself in a right state (actually quite wrong, it’s no fun) of sheer and utter panic. Anxiety affects everyone differently, so what works […]

I’d Recommend – The Financial Diet

Are you a recent grad? Or maybe you want to learn more about managing your money? I recently came across a fantastic YouTube channel called The Financial Diet that can help with budgeting, credit card no-no’s, and even interviewing tips. They share their personal experiences as well as their audience’s. I will admit that I […]

Leap of Faith

How do you know whether a risk is good to take or not? I mean no one can tell the future so who knows if it’ll work out right or not. Is it good to take when, once you take it, you “make sure” it works out? Ie you’ll stop at nothing until it does? Or is […]

Feeling Less

“You won’t feel better by feeling less” From my experience, this is so true. Eventually you have to face up to whatever is bothering you because it will become much worse if you don’t. Whatever you’re afraid of will still be there. Take action and resolve it! That’s the only real way you’ll feel better. Avoiding […]

My Thoughts on Feminism

Feminism has been a buzz word for quite some time. But it seems like there are various definitions out there, some making more sense than others. From my experience, people are hesitant to call themselves a feminist because there are often negative connotations associated with it. You’re almost singling yourself out, putting yourself in a […]