Why I Love Photography

I first discovered my love of photography in high school, where I took my first and only photography class. It was traditional, I suppose, with a darkroom and all that. It was one of my favorite classes ever. It’s almost magical. You click a button, put a piece of paper in some liquids and BAM! […]

Hit Me With That Inspo

Recently I’ve been wondering…what causes us to feel inspired? I feel the urge to create every so often and I can never figure out what gets me in that mindset. I want to make things and find an outlet for all this pent up creativity that I have that feels like it’s just waiting to […]

Feeling Less

“You won’t feel better by feeling less” From my experience, this is so true. Eventually you have to face up to whatever is bothering you because it will become much worse if you don’t. Whatever you’re afraid of will still be there. Take action and resolve it! That’s the only real way you’ll feel better. Avoiding […]

To the Death of Almosts

I know I’ve posted so much about this topic already. The death of almosts is just another way of saying fear of failure. I thought the quote above was stated rather eloquently though, so I wanted to share it. This post is a pledge to do what I can’t. To put myself in the ring, even […]

Bad Day, Not Bad Life

Doesn’t it feel like sometimes bad days come all at once? Like, oh you didn’t feel bad enough already? Let’s see how you fair with this thrown at you too, shall we? Sometimes it feels like all that bad stuff  weighs you down and consumes your life. That’s not the case though! Just because you’re […]