I’m not big into jewelry, but LOOK

I’m picky when it comes to purses. I’m pick when it comes to shoes. I’m picky when it comes to style and design in general. No idea why. But I take it to a whole new level when it comes to jewelry in particular. I like the delicate pieces, not just because it suits me […]

An Overalls Kind of Outfit

I’ve been enjoying posting on potential outfit ideas. It’s fun to window-shop around. So here’s another one! Urban Outfitters: top  &  overalls   Nordstroms: shoes from Vince Camuto   Anthropologie: purse   Free People:  ring  &  necklace   Nordstrom: Nail color from Essie & Lip color from Estee Lauder   These would be cute together!!! (I think…It’s hard to tell when you can’t […]

Summer Outfit Day-to-Night

Well, I still have an itch to go shopping and there’s still a few summer nights left. Here’s an outfit from Anthropologie and Free People that would transition well from the day time to night! This top   This skirt and these shoes   With these sunglasses and this bag   And these lip and nail colors…   …I’m thinking would look […]