Leap of Faith

How do you know whether a risk is good to take or not?

I mean no one can tell the future so who knows if it’ll work out right or not. Is it good to take when, once you take it, you “make sure” it works out? Ie you’ll stop at nothing until it does? Or is good when you have a viable back up plan in case it doesn’t happen?

I really don’t think there’s any way to know if something is good per say. Only time will tell. Besides, there’s more than one path that leads to fulfillment. Nothing is just good. *Well, except rainbows and sprinkles and glitter and ice cream* You just have to decide whether the risk is worth it, to you. It’s your decision and you have to live with it.

So when you make that tough decision or close call, stick to it. It’s your choice and in the end you need to do what’s right for you.


xxx Jedidiah


Pure Poetry


by Paul Laurence Dunbar1872 – 1906


I had not known before
Forever was so long a word.
The slow stroke of the clock of time
I had not heard.

‘Tis hard to learn so late;
It seems no sad heart really learns,
But hopes and trusts and doubts and fears,
And bleeds and burns.

The night is not all dark,
Nor is the day all it seems,
But each may bring me this relief—
My dreams and dreams.

I had not known before
That Never was so sad a word,
So wrap me in forgetfulness—
I have not heard.


I love this poem. Even though it was written well over 100 years ago, there is still the same amount of feeling within the words. I love that about words. By themselves they’re something, but smushed together they transform into something more beautiful and unimaginable that never fades. Or as others might call it – *pure poetry*

xxx Jedidiah

P.S. This poem is in the public domain. I found it on the poets.org website , where you can find so many other works of magic!

Feeling Less

“You won’t feel better by feeling less”

From my experience, this is so true. Eventually you have to face up to whatever is bothering you because it will become much worse if you don’t. Whatever you’re afraid of will still be there. Take action and resolve it! That’s the only real way you’ll feel better. Avoiding the situation does nothing. It just draws out whatever you are dreading. And that’s no fun!

I really like this quotation. It’s a reminder that falling apart is okay, which, if you’ve read pretty much anything I’ve ever written, you know is something I struggle with. Rebirth or whatever you want to call it is necessary sometimes. It’s how growth happens. Kind of like rebranding of a company, if you’re into that analogy. Or renovating a home in disrepair. You just have to have the guts to place that first brick.


xxx Jedidiah

To the Death of Almosts

I know I’ve posted so much about this topic already. The death of almosts is just another way of saying fear of failure. I thought the quote above was stated rather eloquently though, so I wanted to share it.

This post is a pledge to do what I can’t. To put myself in the ring, even if I get knocked down. I will do what I am afraid of and I will succeed eventually! So here’s to the death of almosts! May you seize the day and with it your fears :)


xxx Jedidiah

My Thoughts on Feminism

Feminism has been a buzz word for quite some time. But it seems like there are various definitions out there, some making more sense than others. From my experience, people are hesitant to call themselves a feminist because there are often negative connotations associated with it. You’re almost singling yourself out, putting yourself in a specific group. There’s nothing wrong with that. This is simply a post about what it means to me.

From my perspective, feminism is the belief in equal rights for both men and women. That’s it.

It’s no secret that women are treated differently in the workplace. Statistically they make less money for the same work that men do. There are less women in science and technology. Less woman CEOs. Less startup companies led by women. It’s a cultural thing, sure.

 Feminism is the belief that that should change. And maybe that scares some people. Maybe that’s why there’s so much backlash? Because that means there’s more competition? I don’t know. I have a hard time seeing it from another perspective than my own.

Women have contributed so much to the world already. For example, the computer would not be what it is today without Grace Hopper (COBOL computer language & the first compiler *big big big deal*).  And the list goes on. Just like it does for men.

This isn’t meant to be a rant or preaching or anything like that. I believe that feminism is synonymous with the belief in equal rights…for everyone.

Shouldn’t everyone be in support of that?

What are your thoughts?


xxx Jedidiah

Broken Things

I know not every fact you find on the internet is truthful (big understatement). And I know, it’d be easy to check the one below, but it’s too good to check if you know what I mean. In other words, I like it too much for it not to be true.

I love knowing that broken objects are repaired this way throughout a whole country. The belief that something with flaws isn’t broken permeates an entire culture.

That’s beautiful.

It amazes me. Such great thought behind repairing everyday objects, like a cracked bowl.

Just a Monday reminder that broken things are okay and that you are your biggest advocate – so believe in yourself!

xxx Jedidiah

Man of Heart – An Original Story

The Man with a Heart felt what others did not. He knew what happiness meant because he knew sadness. He could speak with peace only because he had argued with anger. When others remained indifferent, he made up for their apathy. And so his feelings were slowly intensified, as each person in the world let go of their feelings and with it, reality. The Man with a Heart constantly had feelings of regret and jealousy swirling around inside him, but along with that came pure joy and hope and for that he was thankful; he knew that most people had lost this ability.

The Man’s condition was rare in this world now. His days passed more and more painfully, as his emotions amplified, climbing dangerously and falling precariously with every passing second.  Only one thing relieved the aching. When he opened up and shared his feelings with others who were still of Heart, the pain subsided for a little while.

Eventually there was no one left to stop the aching. It had become too painful to have a heart for everyone else. He wandered the world searching, finding lone bodies empty with brains, but no heart. The Man saw these shadows and willingly felt for them, out of pity. He felt strongly about carrying this burden. It put conviction and courage inside him. The Man knew that he could not last much longer; one person cannot feel for everyone else in the world and expect to live long. It’s too much.

On a day nearing the end, he lost his conviction and courage. He forgot how lucky he was and ask, “Why can’t I just be like everyone else?”

The Man with a Heart was beginning to forget what it meant to feel. This worried him immensely. Love started to slowly leech away from his heart inch by inch until there was only a drop or two left. With that there was no hope left, no happiness, no reason to take another breath. But then he saw her and he was able to take that last breath. The small blurred form came to him and knelt. She had never seen anyone like him. He took her hand and placed it over her heart. “Use this, for it is the only truth that will never fail. Pain will come, yes, but it will make life worth living.” Not knowing any better, the little girl listens to the Man who was slowly losing his Heart. In her arms, he lets his last breathe go and she feels his burden now, the Pain. It consumes her and she cries out. The sound carries and the tears come. She wails louder and louder, and people start to gather.

The crowd takes a collective breath as they see a tear fall from her face. There is an unknown world in that glistening drop. Each person watching observes the beauty in her tear. Emotion spreads through the hearts that were once empty; they reach out to her and she soon falls silent.

And the world is alright again.



xxx Jedidiah


Do you ever brush aside your accomplishments? Feel anxious about being “exposed” because you feel like you’re a fraud, that you’re not good enough?

I recently came across an article about something called Impostor Syndrome or the Impostor Phenomenon.

And the funny thing is, I could REALLY relate to it.

The chart below, courtesy of this BuzzFeed article (which I do recommend giving a look), is exactly how I’ve felt on a DAILY basis since high school. Which, nonspecifically, is way too long.

And this chart.

And oh my goodness, especially this one.

*Copies and pastes all 13 BuzzFeed charts from article here*

Honestly though, I’ve had a revelation. And I hope this blog post has helped someone somewhere realize this too. It’s strange how giving a name to something can help so much. I realize this is cliché, but I feel better knowing that I’m not alone.

Tomorrow will be a new day, and I am so looking forward to it.


xxxx Jedidiah

P.S. Here’s another BuzzFeed article on how to deal with Impostor Syndrome because who doesn’t like all of the pictures?!