Why I Love Photography

I first discovered my love of photography in high school, where I took my first and only photography class. It was traditional, I suppose, with a darkroom and all that. It was one of my favorite classes ever.

It’s almost magical. You click a button, put a piece of paper in some liquids and BAM! You’ve captured a moment, a feeling, a memory, something special. Forever.

I love that you can capture so much in an image. I think it’s so special that we as humans can see so much in nature, in the environment around us. I think it’s part of what makes us human – that we can find meaning in the formation of the clouds, for example.

There’s such beauty in nature and what’s around us. That’s through the lens of a camera or not, but I think we forget that sometimes (at least I do).

Photography for me is trying to capture (and remember) that feeling of inspiration, beauty, and awe when I am exploring a new place or seeing something that I pass by everyday in a new light.

The world is a beautiful place.


xxx Jedidiah


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