Anxiety Who?

Hello again,

Struggling with anxiety and self-confidence plagues the lives for so many people! I’m not a doctor or anything, but these are the top four things that help me when I find myself in a right state (actually quite wrong, it’s no fun) of sheer and utter panic. Anxiety affects everyone differently, so what works for me may not help you. Nevertheless I hope you give these a try! And I certainly hope they help.

1. Close your eyes and count to 10 while taking deep breaths and letting them go slowly

2. Look up at the great, big blue sky and try to focus entirely on that

3. Give your panic a color and picture it in your body wherever you feel it most (for me it’s my stomach). Then think of it slowly spreading throughout your body, until it disappears

4. Take a good ol’ whiff of lavender. It has calming properties!

Some of these may sound weird (I’m thinking of you #3), but they have all helped me at least a little bit.

xxx Jedidiah


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