Pure Poetry


by Paul Laurence Dunbar1872 – 1906


I had not known before
Forever was so long a word.
The slow stroke of the clock of time
I had not heard.

‘Tis hard to learn so late;
It seems no sad heart really learns,
But hopes and trusts and doubts and fears,
And bleeds and burns.

The night is not all dark,
Nor is the day all it seems,
But each may bring me this relief—
My dreams and dreams.

I had not known before
That Never was so sad a word,
So wrap me in forgetfulness—
I have not heard.


I love this poem. Even though it was written well over 100 years ago, there is still the same amount of feeling within the words. I love that about words. By themselves they’re something, but smushed together they transform into something more beautiful and unimaginable that never fades. Or as others might call it – *pure poetry*

xxx Jedidiah

P.S. This poem is in the public domain. I found it on the poets.org website , where you can find so many other works of magic!


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