Feeling Less

“You won’t feel better by feeling less”

From my experience, this is so true. Eventually you have to face up to whatever is bothering you because it will become much worse if you don’t. Whatever you’re afraid of will still be there. Take action and resolve it! That’s the only real way you’ll feel better. Avoiding the situation does nothing. It just draws out whatever you are dreading. And that’s no fun!

I really like this quotation. It’s a reminder that falling apart is okay, which, if you’ve read pretty much anything I’ve ever written, you know is something I struggle with. Rebirth or whatever you want to call it is necessary sometimes. It’s how growth happens. Kind of like rebranding of a company, if you’re into that analogy. Or renovating a home in disrepair. You just have to have the guts to place that first brick.


xxx Jedidiah


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