My Thoughts on Feminism

Feminism has been a buzz word for quite some time. But it seems like there are various definitions out there, some making more sense than others. From my experience, people are hesitant to call themselves a feminist because there are often negative connotations associated with it. You’re almost singling yourself out, putting yourself in a specific group. There’s nothing wrong with that. This is simply a post about what it means to me.

From my perspective, feminism is the belief in equal rights for both men and women. That’s it.

It’s no secret that women are treated differently in the workplace. Statistically they make less money for the same work that men do. There are less women in science and technology. Less woman CEOs. Less startup companies led by women. It’s a cultural thing, sure.

 Feminism is the belief that that should change. And maybe that scares some people. Maybe that’s why there’s so much backlash? Because that means there’s more competition? I don’t know. I have a hard time seeing it from another perspective than my own.

Women have contributed so much to the world already. For example, the computer would not be what it is today without Grace Hopper (COBOL computer language & the first compiler *big big big deal*).  And the list goes on. Just like it does for men.

This isn’t meant to be a rant or preaching or anything like that. I believe that feminism is synonymous with the belief in equal rights…for everyone.

Shouldn’t everyone be in support of that?

What are your thoughts?


xxx Jedidiah


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