Man of Heart – An Original Story

The Man with a Heart felt what others did not. He knew what happiness meant because he knew sadness. He could speak with peace only because he had argued with anger. When others remained indifferent, he made up for their apathy. And so his feelings were slowly intensified, as each person in the world let go of their feelings and with it, reality. The Man with a Heart constantly had feelings of regret and jealousy swirling around inside him, but along with that came pure joy and hope and for that he was thankful; he knew that most people had lost this ability.

The Man’s condition was rare in this world now. His days passed more and more painfully, as his emotions amplified, climbing dangerously and falling precariously with every passing second.  Only one thing relieved the aching. When he opened up and shared his feelings with others who were still of Heart, the pain subsided for a little while.

Eventually there was no one left to stop the aching. It had become too painful to have a heart for everyone else. He wandered the world searching, finding lone bodies empty with brains, but no heart. The Man saw these shadows and willingly felt for them, out of pity. He felt strongly about carrying this burden. It put conviction and courage inside him. The Man knew that he could not last much longer; one person cannot feel for everyone else in the world and expect to live long. It’s too much.

On a day nearing the end, he lost his conviction and courage. He forgot how lucky he was and ask, “Why can’t I just be like everyone else?”

The Man with a Heart was beginning to forget what it meant to feel. This worried him immensely. Love started to slowly leech away from his heart inch by inch until there was only a drop or two left. With that there was no hope left, no happiness, no reason to take another breath. But then he saw her and he was able to take that last breath. The small blurred form came to him and knelt. She had never seen anyone like him. He took her hand and placed it over her heart. “Use this, for it is the only truth that will never fail. Pain will come, yes, but it will make life worth living.” Not knowing any better, the little girl listens to the Man who was slowly losing his Heart. In her arms, he lets his last breathe go and she feels his burden now, the Pain. It consumes her and she cries out. The sound carries and the tears come. She wails louder and louder, and people start to gather.

The crowd takes a collective breath as they see a tear fall from her face. There is an unknown world in that glistening drop. Each person watching observes the beauty in her tear. Emotion spreads through the hearts that were once empty; they reach out to her and she soon falls silent.

And the world is alright again.



xxx Jedidiah


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