Talking is HARD

First off, hello again.

I don’t normally post two days in a row, but I’ve decided that I’m going to try and post something every day in March.

Because why not?!

It’s something I’ve never done before, I could useĀ the commitment, and maybe it’ll even help me work through a few things. Writing can be therapeutic, right?

So here goes…

I find meeting and talking to new people to be somewhat anxiety inducing when it involves something important, like interviewing for a job. The formal clothes, the formal setting, the one shot and you’re out sort of atmosphere.

It’s terrifying.

Breathing in those types of situations is hard enough for me (*regrets post title immediately*), let alone talking. I falter, my voice quivers. I’ve improved over the years, but that feeling of sickness in my stomach and my sudden shortness of breath is yet to leave me.

I’ve often asked myself the tantalizing question surrounded by pink above. Honestly, I think the answer is simple: fear. I’m afraid I’ll make a bad impression. I’m afraid they won’t pick me. I’m afraid of failure.

So as a repercussion, I end up choosing to fail myself in a way. I don’t even give myself the chance of success, which really kills. Talk about a downer.

The only way I can think of overcoming the Fear of Failure is to decide that you will. Ignore all those whispers in the back and just go for it.

Failure is simply part of success.

That’s it.

It’s a stepping stone, not a destination.


xxx Jedidiah



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