“Thunderbolt City”

Sound at all familiar?


Pretty sure it’s not common or anything, but I first heard that phrase in the epic movie, Four Weddings and a Funeral. A classic Hugh Grant film I would 100% recommend (the humor is amusingly cheeky).

Anyways in one of the scenes they discuss getting married to the right person. You know, feeling that thunderbolt that makes you say to yourself, “WOW this is it!”. In a later scene one of the characters sees someone and it hits him instantaneously. He utters “thunderbolt city”. Love that.

It made me wonder though, does that happen in real life too? Are we all supposed to be married to that one special someone? It sounds like their talking about love at first sight to me. How rare is that? How many people do you think have experienced it in their lifetime? It doesn’t seem like something so special could occur all that often. My guess is it does happen often enough, but it doesn’t necessarily end in marriage.

Best to keep an umbrella out just in case though  :)

xxx Jedidiah


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