Homeware from Oliver Bonas

At last fall is here!

Or at least that is what I imagine I will say once my landlord turns on the heat. For now though, nothing like a good homeware peruse to find the perfect bits and pieces for those cozy nights in, no matter what room you’re in.

Oliver Bonas, although I’ve never had a chance to purchase anything from this gorgeous store quite yet, is one of my absolute favorites to window shop in. They always have beautifully designed everything. I swear, Eric (note: the elephant below haha), one day! One day!

Fig & Cassis Owl Candle

Mint Table Lamp

Berry Velet Cushion

Loft Standing Floating Frame

Silver Honeycomb Round Vase

Pink & Gold Spot Dish

Ines Bowl

Fika Mug

 Fika Storage Jar

 Nessie Ladle

Eric The Memo Elephant

Copper String Lights


 Sticks Tufted Rug

Duck Egg Vanity Case

xxx Jedidiah


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