To Love As A Friend?

 This is something I’ve been thinking about lately: is it possible to be friends with someone you love romantically and not solely platonically?

The obvious answer is a resounding ‘no’, I know. But given the choice of friends or nothing at all, would friends not be the only choice? Or is that just the easy choice, not necessarily the best choice for you? It completely depends on the people though and their maturity level. I can see in this situation it would be very easy to end up resenting the person you once loved. Even if you try and bury your feelings you know they are still there.

I think the healthiest solution would be to take some time to yourself in order to move on. Then, maybe you can be friends after that. Time is the only thing you can give yourself to make things better. Thinking you can flip a switch and suddenly just be friends is not realistic. Trying to be “friends” so you can change their mind or make them realize their “true” feelings for you isn’t any good either. It just gets your hopes up and  is a little on the manipulative side. Besides, that’s not a good reason for being friends with someone. Love is hard enough without trying to make someone who doesn’t love you love you back too. (That made sense!)

Sadly (or maybe it’s not sad if you end up being happier in the end) the answer is still a ‘no’. Still sad from my perspective.

xxx Jedidiah


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