Turn off the darkness, please

I was walking down the street, backpack on, tunes loud, sky shining and clear when one of my favorites came on. Jake Bugg. He hasn’t been around long; his third album called On My One came out about a month ago. (Check it out btdubs right here!) I hadn’t listened to this song (“Storm Passes Away”) in a while and it really spoke to me. The words just popped out. I won’t quote the whole thing, but my favorite phrase was “Turn off the darkness, please”. I love that.

We always hear “Turn on the light”. How come people say that, but never the other way around? It reminds me of that phrase:  darkness is only the absence of light.  According to that phrase, our every day wording makes sense. Not as interesting though. And when has the language of America ever made sense?! For some reason, “turn off the darkness”, just seems more positive to me too.

Here’s to changing it up!

xxx Jedidiah


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