Not Friends Anymore?

How do you tell someone you don’t want to be friends with them anymore?

Is there any way to say that without feeling all-around horrible?


Obviously it’s better to say what you feel than to pretend to continue being friends. If you didn’t say anything then you’d just be wasting their time and your own. Words are everything here though. How you say it really matters. Your tone and word choice could have a real impact on the outcome.


I think in situations like these you just have to step up, ask to meet and say it. Be as honest as possible without being too harsh. Words can hurt, especially if they never see it coming. This is a lot like breaking up to me, but it’s harder because it’s not socially expected. Romantically involved couples break up verbally all the time, but with friends it’s different. You don’t go around hearing people say they broke up with their friend last week. That’s not normal.

Friendships fade or there are fall outs. I’ve rarely heard other people say that their friend told them they didn’t want to be friends anymore. It’s like there’s an unwritten code that you can’t tell someone that. Wouldn’t you rather hear that than be left guessing? I mean, it’s hard to hear and it’ll hurt, but it seems more of a decent thing to do if you’ve ever considered yourselves to be close.


Sometimes friendships don’t work out. That doesn’t mean either of you are bad people, just that you don’t feel the same way about one another. And that’s okay too.

xxx Jedidiah


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