Music Masterpiece: Mudcrutch

Tom Petty has been busy this past year! A biography by Warren Zanes out last November, two compilation albums out in December (Through the Cracks and Nobody’s Children) and now a brand new Mudcrutch album!

Tom Petty (bass), Mike Campbell (guitar), Benmont Tench (keyboards), Tom Leadon (guitar) and Randall Marsh (drums) still sound fabulous together. There’s no doubt about that. The album, simply entitled ‘2’, sounds like a classic to my ears. It’s amazing! I can’t believe they did it again. They’re touring from now until the end of June as well.

My favorites were ‘I Forgive It All’, ‘Hope’, ‘Victim of Circumstance’, and ‘Hungry No More’. That’s practically half the album, but what I can I say?! They’re all so good! Give it a good listen if you’d like.  Spotify is linked below.

xxx Jedidiah






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