To Love or To Miss?

So here’s the question:

Can you love someone as much as you can miss them?


Granted, you can’t have one without the other. You’re not going to want to see a person you don’t even like. Back to the question, though.

The thing is, when you miss someone important to you, you could completely blow the situation out of proportion. As in, if you’re at all like me, you go into full-fantasy mode, into the land of what-ifs and could-bes.

Perhaps a scientific perspective will help. It’s like an exponential graph! As time passes linearly, your ‘missing them’ feelings increase more and more. After enough time, these feelings go to infinity and you basically explode from all of the feelings of longing. Lol.

This begs the question – Does your love for a person increase over time when you miss them? Or, because love is unconditional, can it only be a linear graph? Can love, not talking about merely liking here, increase over time?

Basically, can you love someone a little? I would argue that you can, relatively. There are different kinds of love out there and some are more powerful than others. If you compare your love for one person to your love for another, one could indeed be smaller than the other, which would make it littler or even ‘little’.

However, we are talking about the love for a single person. Theoretically, you could love someone and only know a certain amount of information (not everything) about them. As you learn more, your love would increase too. This is assuming you love your newly acquired knowledge.

When you’re away from that special person, you’re not learning as much about them as you are about yourself. You can’t (reliably) see how they’re reacting to the distance. You only know how you are reacting. Your love for Larry isn’t growing from the addition of new information about him. It can only change through the realization of your own perceptions. Do you actually love Larry? DO YOU?

Anyways, the answer would be yes. If you didn’t accurately value or understand your relationship before, your love for someone can intensify when you’re missing them. Which means, in this instance, if you miss someone more you love them more as well. Both graphs would  eventually go to infinity, meaning the amount you love someone can equal how much you can miss them ;)


xxx Jedidiah



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