That Feeling of Failure


Everyone handles fear differently. There’s the classic fight or flight response, where a person either responds by, as the name suggests, putting up a fight or running away. What happens though if you can’t run away and you’re not the fighting type? Then what happens? Denial?


If you’re afraid of failure and you ultimately choose it, does it really count as failure if you didn’t even try? No matter how you get there, I think failing is failing. However, it would mean so much more if you actually put the effort in. At least then you could say you did your best. Procrastination, anxiety, and failure go hand in hand with missed opportunities. It’s a vicious circle that is hard to overcome. But how can you break the cycle and foster good habits?


I think anyone who has ever struggled with motivation reaches a breaking point, where they have just gone too far and cannot continue. This is the point that matters. Will you break your bad habits and commit, or will you succumb completely and pick another path? I truly believe that no matter what your background is, whether you are qualified or not, if you have a dream and absolutely love what you are doing, you can accomplish anything.


 The picture above reminded me of myself. I often sit at the back of the classroom, even when someone I know has asked me to sit with them in the front row. I’ll make all sorts of pathetic excuses of why I can’t join them. The real reason is because I feel like I’m not good enough.  What if a friend, or worse the teacher, asks me a question and I can’t answer it? The entire class can see the front row and those are the faces the teacher sees first. That’s a lot of eyes.

There’s no easy way out. You have to go all in and not look back.

Go on, prove it to yourself!


xxx Jedidiah


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