Music Magic: The Struts


You probably haven’t heard of The Struts before. I stumbled across them myself on YouTube not too long ago. It only took one song though (well, really like ten seconds of one song) before I knew I was hooked. I fell in love with their music – kind of like when you walk into a bakery, take one whiff and know that no matter what you pick out it’s going to taste freaking incredible. Anyways, I just couldn’t stop dancing. They have an older sound, reminiscent of Queen and The Rolling Stones, but with their own unique style (obviously).


I’d give them a listen if you’re a lover of rock and roll like me. Click here to listen to a playlist of all of their songs! My favorite’s Kiss This ;)

xxx Jedidiah

P.S. Sadly only their EP, Have You Heard, is out in the US. They have a full album out though in the UK, called Everybody Wants.


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