Things That Make Me Smile (And Hopefully You Too)


1. When you’re having a dream that you’re late for something and you wake up and realize you’re right on schedule. Oh sweet relief!

2. Hugh Grant when he dances like so

3. Silly walks (see what I mean here)

4. When you’re walking down the street in a bad mood, and then someone else walks by and they’re singing like they just don’t care. Hello, sunshine…the clouds have parted!

5. Bookstore browsing

6. ICE CREAM…or chocolate, I’m not picky

7. When you go shopping and everything you want is on sale. (Is this real life?)

8. Walk On The Wild Side (There’s no way you can’t smile while watching this one)

9. Benedict Cumberbatch in general, but this is gold. Promise.

10. When you go to the movies where they have those big comfy recliner chairs. And every single one of them makes ‘that noise’ when they recline. You know what I mean. It gets me every time. Every. Time.

11. Burritos! (with guacamole, obviously)

Hope some of these made you smile :)

xxx Jedidiah

P.S. Inspiration for this post was from here. He’s a funny guy.


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