Next on My Nonfiction Book List


Books I’d like to read sometime very soon, preferably yesterday or last week or…well you get it. So here it is:

1) The Grapes of Math: How Life Reflects Numbers and Numbers Reflect Life, by Alex Bellos

Math is one of those subjects that a lot of people hate with a passion. This book, which is all about math, humans, and history, looks like something that everyone could enjoy. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one! Read more about it here

2) The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light, by Paul Bogard

This is Paul Bogard’s debut book. It’s about his quest to find true darkness. Apparently eight out of ten Americans will never live where they can see the Milky Way. I read the back of this book in the bookstore; I really regret having to put it back on the shelf. It’s been on my list ever since! Read more about it here

3) Introducing the Ancient Greeks: From Bronze Age Seafarers to Navigators of the Western Mind, by Edith Hall

The Ancient Greeks may be long gone, but their architecture and ideas still influence us. Ever been to Washington, D.C.? This book looks chock-full of information, from their beginnings to the very end. Read more about it here

4) The Map Thief: The Gripping Story of an Esteemed Rare-Map Dealer Who Made Millions Stealing Priceless Maps, by Michael Blanding

The title does a better job describing what this one seems to be about than I could. It caught my eye in the bookstore and looked like it could be interesting. I do like a good map. Read more about it here

Hope some of these catch your eye too!

xxx Jedidiah


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