Book Magic


Looking for a good book? Here are a few I’ve read recently or are enjoying currently…

1.  The Etymologicon: A Circular Stroll Through the Hidden Connections of the English Language by Mark Forsyth

I liked it even more than the last book I read by this author. Did you know ‘avocado’ comes from the Aztec word for testicle?

 2. Life by Keith Richards

I didn’t pick up this book for the grammar or the vocabulary. What a life. That’s all I can say.

3. There Goes Gravity: A Life in Rock and Roll by Lisa Robinson

This book is about a journalist’s career in rock and roll from the sixties to the present.

4. Stuff Matters: Exploring the Marvelous Materials That Shape Our Man-Made World by Mark Miodownik

This book is absolutely wonderful. It’s funny. It’s personal. It’s even historical. And completely fascinating. I loved this book.

5. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

I haven’t read too many things by Russian authors. So far so good I’d say.


xxx Jedidiah


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