List Alert: Favorite Words



I love making lists. Here’s one about words that I think are fun to say (I included the definitions, just in case you were curious) :

Polypeptide – a large number of amino acids bonded together in a chain to form a protein

Antimony – chemical element (Sb) with atomic number 51

Circuitous – taking a roundabout way

Aglet – the piece of plastic that goes on the end of your shoelace

Gibraltar – as in the Strait of Gibraltar found here

Cladophora – a genus of green algae

Nurdle – the little bit of toothpaste that goes on the end of your toothbrush

Evanescent – quickly fading away or disappearing

Tartuffery – A show or expression of feelings or beliefs that one does not actually hold or possess

Reconnoiter – To investigate, associated with gathering information for military uses

Lobstromonus – An adjective meaning anything you want it to mean. Not actually a word, but definitely fun to say. Origin? Click here and go to 59:13

Aristology – the study of breakfast (I like the definition of this word more than the word itself. Also, it’s my ideal major)

xxx Jedidiah


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